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Technical Specifications


Specially designed aluminum slats (patented) for 100% security

Specially designed (patented) aluminum slats provide a smooth and frictionless rotation, and minimize stress on the vinyl surface. These aluminum slats offer 100% security when in a flat position, as they are impossible to disengage from each other (Patent Number: No. 1007947).

Ultimate locking system: Superior Design, Strength & Protection

It has a sleek design, adapted to the philosophy and design of the SOT-ROLL series aluminum roller lid shutter.
It features a specially designed sliding cover and rubber insulation gasket for ultimate protection from any weather conditions.
It can also be adapted/replaced older versions of locking systems.
It is patented: International Design System WIPO Hague (WIPO96020).
It has an innovative handle with a new compact and ergonomic T-shaped design.
Reinforced and one-piece structure (without adapter), which makes it even stronger and more resistant to low temperatures or in case of burglary.



Special locking structure with great durability

The construction of the lock consists of two large metal parts of anodized aluminum on each side of the roller lid (tongues). These tongues extend over the entire length of the roller lid.
This peculiarity gives the advantage to the lock that it is long lasting and makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions.
A unique feature that makes the locking of the roller lid one of the most premium products currently available in the global market.

Tessera4x4 Roll

Black Matt

Black Matt edition

Tessera4x4 Roll


Silver edition

● In silver color where its original material is (anodized aluminum)

Black Matt (PAINT-006) paint

Specifications/Characteristics Black Matt Neokem PP 600 Ammos:


✓ New generation of extremely durable embossed coating with fine texture.

✓ Due to its high weather resistance it is recommended for heavy duty users where gloss, colour retention and aesthetics are of great importance.

✓ High Standards:

✓ Excellent abrasion resistance.

✓ Enhanced chemical resistance.

✓ Low pollution sensitivity.

✓ Excellent coverage that reduces the risk of corrosion.

✓ Very good transport performance and penetration in difficult areas.

✓ High efficiency due to low density.

✓ All PP 600 Ammos products are heavy metal and TGIC free.

✓ PP 600 Ammos is approved by Qualicoat for Class 2 - Category 1 (Approval Number: P-0780).

✓ Neokem applies certified quality systems according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

✓ PP 600 Ammos is applied at a thickness of 60-100 microns by electrostatic spraying or tribo-charging equipment to ensure full coverage and therefore colour homogeneity.

✓ The curing / baking of the paint is done in a special oven for 15 minutes at 190 °C.


Perfect insulation - Ideal combination of vinyl-PVC with the slats

Provides perfect insulation and protection of the trunk load, due to the revolutionary innovation of combining over the aluminum slats, a special vinyl-PVC coating. (Coating characteristics: waterproof and durable, high resistance in case of high temperature, color resistance from solar radiation, abrasion resistance, antimicrobial & antifungal, easy to clean).

Protection from leaves & debris

The only aluminium roller (cover lid) in the world market with a clogging system that removes leaves and small debris from the gutters thus ensuring better quality of water drainage of the canister (storage box) (Patent number: EP19151572.5, European Patent Office (EPO).

Water level indicator

The only aluminium roller (cover lid) on the world market with a special water level indicator system, which ensures better control of the canister drainage system (Patent No.: EP19151572.5, European Patent Office (EPO)).
Available from the 3rd quarter of 2019.

2 Drainage systems & 2 Overflows

Specially made two drainage systems and two overflows, recessed drain fittings ensure rapid and complete drainage of the canister.

Total Protection

Specially made side rubbers seals, brushes, and 4 water channels (drainage system) for the best protection from water.


Perfect Weather Protection

It protects the trunk and its contents from all weather conditions.

Camera System

Specially made (patented) perimeter base from anodized aluminum (5mm thickness)

Specially made (patented) perimeter base from anodized aluminum (thickness: 5mm), which hugs completely 100% the shape of the trunk’s rail part (in length and width).

(Patent Numbers: WO 2014/053863 & No. 1008153 & No. 1007595).

Cover your needs!!!

Customize it with no limits!!!

  • The above base provides the possibility of adding and substantial use (not decorative as in other commercial roller blinds) of any existing or new equipment.
Install roll bar, side rails (bindings) & loading bars. Can also be combined with any factory equipment such as VW Amarok (stainless steel roll bar ∅76 & Canyon), Ford Ranger (Limited & XLT & WildTrak), Toyota Hilux (Vigo), etc.).


& fast installation

    NO Drill Easy and quick installation without drilling holes (installation with holes only in cases where extra equipment e.g.: roll bars, side handrails, loading bar).
    Application on trunks with over rail & under rail bed liners or without.

3+ Locking Options

  • Side locking system 3 pre-selected different positions which has the ability to accept as many additional positions as you wish.
Pet-Friendly: Extra locking position (10cm gap) for continuous air circulation. Factory set points with easy activation on the perimeter base on all Tessera4x4 Roll models, provide sufficient ventilation inside the trunk. Ideal choice for pet owners.

Camera System

The strongest & durable roller lid shutter

52 kg

double cab


56 kg

space cab


The strongest

for heavy duty use

roller lid

in the global market


Strong & durable shaft for heavy use

Specially designed aluminium shaft (axis) ∅80 for strong and durable use. The shaft has a reinforced aluminium base, a metal bearing which connects it to the roll storage box and a heavy-duty spring.

Specially designed canister

Specially manufactured canister (housing box) from solid (one-piece) galvanized sheet metal 1.5mm painted in black (electrostatic painting) and specially designed in small dimensions for the greatest possible use of the space of the trunk.

Red Plastic Tube (anti friction)

Specially made anti-friction and noise absorption system.

Exceptional design

No other roller lid on the market can be compared to the Tessera4x4 Roll!
Every decision made on its design make it stand out. From the way it is manufactured (100% safety, resistant to extreme weather conditions, approved for heavy use, patented, etc.,) to the excellent finish
Metal label (available from 09/2019) with the logo (Tessera4x4 off-road accessories), which is placed on the rear handle of the main body of the Tessera4x4 Roll.

Aerodynamic shape that improves fuel efficiency

It contributes to better handling of the car at higher speeds due to the closing of the carriage, thus acting as a large air spoiler.

Handmade accessories by Tessera4x4

The only aluminium roller (SOT-ROLL series) in the world market, 100% handmade. Made from the finest raw materials and the professional craftsmanship that distinguishes Tessera4x4 accessories, with 35 years of experience in the automotive sector.

3 Years Warranty

Tessera4x4 accessories offers a 3 year warranty for all its products.
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  • Beware of Counterfeits!

    Verify our original (Genuine) premium roller lid-shutters (SOT-ROLL series by Tessera4x4 accessories) by checking these basic 6 steps and avoid the fake products (imitations/counterfeit).

    Check how to spot the original (Genuine) product (SOT-ROLL series):

    • The embossed logo (Tessera4x4 accessories) on the plastic taps of the water drainages into the side rail parts.
    • The logo tag sewn on the belt (strap) of the roller lid- shutter.
    • The metallic label (available from 09/2019) with our logo (Τessera4x4 off-road accessories), which is placed on the rear handle of the roller lid's main body.
    • The metal label with our logo on the right corner of the roller lid-shutter's vinyl surface.
    • The red plastic water indicator with the specially made obstruction system, on the right corner of the housing box.
    • The embossed logo on the housing box's plastic side caps.
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Tessera4x4 Certification

And of course for the above is also certified with:

    Tessera4x4 accessories is moving forward, following international regulations regarding the quality certification of its products and following environmentally responsible methods.
    EN ΙSO 9001:2015
    TUV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE Approval for Management Systems (development & production) of body parts for 4x4 vehicles.
    EN ISO 14001:2005