GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A. (Tessera4x4 accessories) may collect recognition data for visitors/users of its website using the respective technologies, such as cookies, and/or monitoring IP addresses.

Cookies are small text files, stored in the hard disc of every visitor/user without gaining information on any file or document of his computer. They are used in order to facilitate the visitor’s/user’s access while using certain services and/or pages of a website, for statistical purposes and in order to define the areas which are useful or popular, as well as in order to estimate the popularity of the website and enhance its performance.

These data may also contain the type of browser the visitor/user is using, the type of computer, its operating system, his internet provider and other such information. In addition, the information system of the website is automatically gathering information about which parts the visitor/user is visiting and about the links to third party websites he may choose while using the website of GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB S.A. (Tessera4x4 accessories).

The visitor/user of the website may adjust his web browser in order to warn him for the use of cookies in certain services, or to deny the acceptance of cookies in any case.

For this scope he may refer to the web browser’s instructions or to help screen in order to learn more about these functions. For example, at Internet Explorer, he may go to Tools/Internet Options/Security and Privacy and adjust the browser according to his requirements.