Tessera4x4 accessories – Think Quality!

Discover the ultimate collection of high-quality 4x4 accessories for all pickup trucks and SUVs at Tessera4x4 Accessories. Transform your vehicle with the innovative and patented Tessera Roll+, Tessera SE, and SOT-ROLL Series aluminum roller lid shutters. These premium roll top covers, retractable covers, ute covers, and bakkie covers set the standard for excellence. Experience unbeatable prices on top-tier products: - Stainless steel roll bars, - Stainless steel side handrails, - Cross racks, - Dividers, - Toolboxes, - Hard tops/canopies, - Tonneau covers, - Side steps, - Rear bumpers, and much more! Equip your ride with the best in quality, innovation, and performance. Explore our range today and elevate your 4x4 experience with Tessera4x4 Accessories!


Discover Tessera4x4 Rolls' complete collection of premium roll top covers, designed for every pickup truck on the global market. Equip your vehicle with the best in innovative design and superior quality, only from Tessera4x4 accessories.