Payment Methods

How can I pay?

Pay by Debit or Credit Card

You can pay for your order with any VISA, Mastercard, Diners either debit or credit card.

Payment by bank deposit

Pay your order via bank deposit directly through our site for instant identification of your transaction! All you have to do is:

  • Choose a payment method: Deposit to a bank account.
  • Your preferred bank & login to your ebanking.

Then all the fields are pre-filled and all that remains is to confirm your payment, just like online Bill Pay.

For your phone order ask us to send you a bank payment request to your email, following the same steps as Online.

Still, you can always pay your order to the following account:

Beneficiary Accounts:


*As soon as you make your deposit, kindly send us your payment slip in our email address <<>>, indicating your order number so that it can be easily and quickly identified. The order will be shipped after the payment has been identified.

Payment via PayPal

Pay your online orders instantly and securely with the reliability of PayPal.

Transactions made via PayPal are exclusively for delivery to the customer's site and are not combined with other payment methods. Attention: For PayPal services there is an extra charge of 5% on the total cost of the purchase. For more information on how to register and transfer via PayPal, please visit