The Avant-Garde "Tessera Roll+"

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3 in 1 Modular Design


Easy & simple open-close manual operation


Easy upgrade from "BASIC" to "SPRING" or "ELECTRIC" version by JUST adding one of our kits (s-Kit or e-Kit) of your preference, thanks to our specially designed Quick Release Lever (QRL). By achieving this, we managed to create huge capability for B2B customers as they can store 3 times more stock, and B2C customers can upgrade their basic version easily any time with no use of tools or special knowledge.
(Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)


Easy & comfort use

Upgrade from Basic to "SPRING" version by simply adding our s-Kit. Put spring motion to roll top cover and work more efficiently.
(Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)


Easy and automatic use with motor & AI Smart control

Upgrade from Basic to "ELECTRIC" version by simply adding our e-Kit.
Our futuristic e-Kit includes:
• Specially designed AI controller board with the following specs:
✓ No need calibration. The only motor system in the global market with no need of calibration to each vehicle’s trunk body length, as it does it automatically.
✓ Soft open/close feature: Specially programmed system which provides soft open/close feature for smoother usage.
✓ Maintenance popup alerts: The first roll top cover in the global market that informs you to clean canister’s drainages in case of water is blocked inside. Also is the only roll top cover that calculates rolling time for open/close process and inform you to clean and lubricate the side rail parts for smoother rolling.
✓ Mobile App facilities.
✓ You can stop and lock your roll top cover at any point by step-less auto locking.
✓ Obstacle feature with embodied sensors.
✓ Triple operation system (Mobile Phone Application, Rear slat "One Touch" operation, Key Fob remote).
• Electric Motor tested in the most extreme conditions.
• Specially designed key fob remote.
(Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)

Triple operation system

Key fob remote

Specially designed key fob remote for the main functions of the roll top cover (open/close/pause & lights) with design philosophy and quality of Tessera4x4 accessories (included only with e-Kit).
(Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)

Mobile Phone Application

Simply download “Tessera4x4 App” on your mobile phone (compatible with iOS/Android) to control your roll top cover and to experience a whole new environment of facilities (available only with e-Kit).
(Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)

  • One Touch is Enough

    The only roll top cover in the global market with embodied sensors built into our rear slat, allows you to control (open/close/pause)* with precision and security the roll unit with an effortless tap (activated only with e-Kit).
    *(for security reasons this method works only when you are close to the pickup vehicle with your mobile phone).
    (Patent Numbers: EPO EP22185152.0, EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)


Experience a whole new environment of configurations

✓ OPEN/CLOSE/PAUSE functions.
✓ ON/OFF led light bars (red - logo & white).
✓ ON/OFF emergency extra alarm system.
✓ Obstacle alerts.
✓ ON/OFF emergency alarm function.
✓ ON/OFF function of red led light bar as extra brake light.
✓ ON/OFF function of red led light bar as extra beam light.
✓ Brightness control of red led light bar and logo. Adjust red led light bar brightness with your truck's brake lights and beam lights.
✓ Brightness control of internal white led light bar. Adjust internal white led light bar brightness with your needs of your load.
✓ Control duration of time for internal white led light bar.
✓ ON/OFF "One Touch" function of rear slat as control button.
✓ ON/OFF Siri (with shortcuts).
✓ ON/OFF Bixby.
✓ ON/OFF Google Assistant.
✓ ON/OFF Alexa.
✓ ON/OFF FaceID.
✓ ON/OFF PIN Code.
✓ Bluetooth PIN.
✓ Firmware version.
✓ 3 info circles: ROLL open/close times, White led light bar switch on/off times, Red led light bar switch on/off times.
✓ Maintenance pop up alerts:
* Blocked water in canister's area.
* Clean & Lubricate side rails parts.
* Electric Motor Failure.
✓ ON/OFF emergency alarm function.


Obstacle feature

Tessera Roll+ cover has the ability to recognize obstacles (e.g. cargo, luggage, etc.,) thanks to the located physical sensors built into the rear slat and with no usage of motor current. Achieving a more accurate and secure protection, a long lasting life of motor and the ultimate performance against to any weather conditions (e.g. ice, snow, etc.,) (activated only with e-Kit).
(Patent Numbers: EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)

    Red LED Light Bar & Logo
    A beautiful and practical red led light bar, that can be used as extra beam light, brake light and in case of e-Kits as an obstacle warning flash alert or even as an emergency alarm. (Patent Numbers: EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)

White LED Internal Light Bar

A moving full-length white led light bar located inside the rolling end slat which brightens and highlights the focus of the trunk bed area (regardless of the load in the trunk area).
(Patent Numbers: EP22185538.0, EP22185542.2, EP22185540.6)


Specially made side rail parts (5mm thickness)

Specially made side rails (thickness: 5mm), which follows 100% the shape and design of the trunk’s rail parts (in length and width). As a result, this provides better insulation from weather conditions and a strong and durable installation procedure for all types of roll bars, side handrails and loading bars for heavy usage. It also offers you the flexibility to combine it with original accessories (OEM), such as roll bars.
(Patent Numbers: WO 2014/053863, No. 1008153, No. 1007595)


T-slots rack for NO Drill accessories

Side rails parts with built in T-slots for easy and secure installation with NO DRILL of extra accessories like: Roll bars, side handrails and cross racks.


Installation kit for roll bars with NO Drill

Now it is available as an extra accessory our specially designed roll bar kit (RB-Kit) for installing roll bars in our built in T-slots with no need for drilling.

Ultimate Security Systems


Knife proof slats

Specially designed wider, stronger and “Knife proof” slats, for 100% security of the load.


Internal Locking System (ILS)

Specially designed internal locking system for preventing unauthorised access. Just use strap to automatic unlock your Tessera Roll+ and experience smoother and easier day-life. Better protection and usage in low temperatures.


Aluminium Locking Teeth (ALT)

The only roll top cover with “AUTOMATIC ALUMINIUM” locking teeth for maximum security (no plastic) of the load.


& Water Proof

    ELECTRIC MOTOR & SPRING (DDS) Located & protected inside the aluminium (heavy duty) central shaft (Direct Drive System). The only roll top cover that its motor takes NO EXTRA SPACE of the trunk load area (available only with s-Kit & e-Kit).
    MAINTENANCE FREE (DTS) in transmission system (Dynamic Transmission System). (Patent Number: EPO EP22185152.0)

Ultimate Weather Proof Systems


Side rail drainages

Specially designed 2 big drains into the side rails parts.


2 main drains into the canister area

Specially designed 2 main oversize drainage systems Φ20 with 2 overflowing systems in the canister body, tested to last in the most extreme weather conditions (60 litres/min).


The one and only Anti-Leaf System (ALS)

The only roll top cover in the global market with a specially made obstruction system (anti-leaf system), to protect the water drains of canister from leaves and small trash.
(Patent number: EP19151572.5)



Specially designed slats with embedded silicon seal for the best protection to rainy days.


Perfect protection

Provides perfect protection to any weather conditions because of the combination of sealed side rail parts with our specially designed slats.

Makes your life easy & practical


Easy access to canister’s body any time

Specially designed canister cover enabling to have easy access and control of your Tessera Roll+.


Maximum load capacity

An innovative design of rear slat in combination of the smallest canister's dimensions (20cm x 23cm), offers the advantage of maximizing load net capacity both in length and height.


Vertical clearance

Tessera Roll+ continues its heritage (from Tessera4x4 Roll SOT-ROLL series) and sits above your truck bed, so there’s more height under the roll top cover.

Strong & Durable Shaft

Heavy Duty


We became even quicker

Easy and extremely quick installation without drilling holes in the trunk area (installation with holes in cases with extra accessories (e.g.: roll bars, side handrails, loading bar) for heavy usage).



Can be installed easily in vehicles with or without bed-liners. In case of bed-liners can be easily installed with UNDER-rail types or OVER-rail types with no need for the rail part to be cut.


Our next generation powder coat finish

New generation of Super Durable fine textured powder coatings. Due to its superior weathering resistance (3 years in Florida weather resistant), it is recommended for architectural and other demanding applications where gloss, colour retention and long-term aesthetics are significant.
✓ Exceptional abrasion resistance.
✓ Increased chemical resistance.
✓ Low sensitivity to pollution.
✓ Superb edge coverage that reduces the risk of corrosion.
✓ Stable structure at different film thicknesses.
✓ Very good transfer efficiency and penetration to difficult areas.
✓ High yield due to low density.
✓ All PP 600 Ammos products are heavy metal and TGIC free.
✓ PP 600 Ammos is approved by QUALICOAT for Class 2 - Category 1 (Approval number: P-0780).
✓ Neokem applies certified quality and environmental management systems as per: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
✓ PP 600 Ammos is applied at a thickness of 60-100 microns by electrostatic spray or trio-charging equipment to ensure full coverage and therefore colour homogeneity.
✓ The curing of the powder occurs in a suitable convection oven 15 minutes at 190 °C.


Aerodynamics to boost fuel economy

It contributes to aerodynamics and overall driving experience especially at high speeds and windy days. Also offers far more favourable fuel efficiency.

Designed with Nature in mind

    Environmental Certification
    We are certificated with TUV Austria EN ISO 14001:2005

Handmade accessories by Tessera4x4

The only 100% handmade aluminium roll top cover (Tessera Roll+ series) in the global market, made with finest raw materials and artistry / craftsmanship of Tessera4x4 accessories with 35 years of experience in the automotive industry.


• 3 Years Warranty for the failure of materials and workmanship.
• 1 Year Warranty for hardware parts (remote key fob, AI Smart board, lights) from the date of purchase.


  • Beware of Counterfeits!

    Verify our original (Genuine) premium Tessera Roll+ by checking its marked plastic parts.

Tessera4x4 Certified

    Tessera4x4 accessories is moving forward following international regulations regarding the quality certification of its products and following environmentally responsible methods.
    EN ΙSO 9001:2015
    TUV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE Approval for Management Systems (development & production) of body parts for 4x4 vehicles.
    EN ISO 14001:2005

Greek Innovation

8 Patents

    5 European Patents
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    1 International Patent World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO): WIPO Hague (WIPO100520)
    2 National Patents Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI): Νο.1007595, Νο.10081553