Effortless Control, Right at Your Fingertips

Imagine wielding complete authority over your truck's roll-top cover with just a few taps on your smartphone. With the Tessera Roll+ mobile app, this becomes a tangible reality. Seamlessly operate the roll-top cover through an intuitive interface, placing complete control directly in your hands. Visualize and execute your commands in real-time with the animated pickup truck display on your mobile phone screen.

Transforming Truck Bed Management: Introducing the Tessera Roll+ Mobile App

Ιn an era where convenience is king, Tessera4x4 introduces a groundbreaking solution—the Tessera Roll+ mobile app—poised to redefine truck bed management and revolutionize your pickup truck experience. Crafted to seamlessly function across iOS, Android, and AppGallery platforms, this app serves as the gateway to effortless control over your pickup truck's Tessera Roll+ App

Beyond Cover Control: Elevating Functionality

The Tessera Roll+ app transcends basic cover control. In addition to open, close, and pause functions, it enables the management of the roll's rear red light—customize it as an additional brake light or hazard light tailored precisely to your preferences. Enjoy unparalleled control over the inner white LED bar spot and focus to optimize visibility within the truck bed. Set your remote control preferences—operate by a single click or double click, and seamlessly pair new remote controls—all managed within the app. This multifaceted functionality integrates the Tessera Roll+ as an indispensable component of your vehicle's safety and utility systems, extending far beyond a mere cover.

Voice Commands: Hands-Free Convenience

In situations where your hands are occupied or when an alternative mode is necessary, leverage voice commands effortlessly to open, close, pause, and control the lights of your roll-top cover.

Smart Notifications for Peace of Mind

Bid farewell to worries about leaving your truck bed exposed. Receive timely reminders through the app to close the roll-top cover after a preset duration, ensuring the security of your cargo and the cover itself.

Essential Maintenance Notifications and Accessible Information

Stay informed about essential maintenance tasks—such as lubricating the side rails or cleaning the canister—accessible within the app. Manage warranty registration, access exclusive offers, download user manuals, installation guides, and instructional videos—all within the app's comprehensive framework. Store details for multiple Tessera Roll+-equipped trucks, simplifying management for fleet owners or multi-vehicle users. Find your nearest dealer for new purchases or servicing, and stay updated with the latest news—all seamlessly integrated within the app.

Continuous Improvement through Updates

The Tessera Roll+ app embodies a journey of constant evolution. Receive notifications about the latest news and dealer locations. Rest assured, the app ensures your experience remains up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements, aligning with Tessera Roll+'s cutting-edge functionalities and keeping you at the forefront of technological advancements.

Embrace the Future of Truck Bed Management

The Tessera Roll+ mobile app is not just a control center—it's a paradigm shift in truck bed management. Its intuitive interface, multifaceted capabilities, intelligent notifications, and ongoing updates redefine convenience and efficiency for pickup truck owners. Experience an unparalleled truck bed management experience today with the Tessera Roll+ mobile app—the pinnacle of seamless control and technological innovation. Step into the seamless future of truck bed management, where convenience and innovation converge to elevate your pickup truck experience.