The simplicity of Tessera SE

Introducing the Unparalleled Tessera SE Series

Delve into the world of uncomplicated elegance with the Tessera SE roll top cover. As Leonardo Da Vinci aptly put it, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." When it comes to roll top covers with a straightforward and manual open-close operation, the Tessera SE series stands as the quintessential choice.

In conjunction with the debut of our next-generation roll top cover, the Tessera Roll+ series, which offers customers the unparalleled flexibility to transition from the Basic to Spring or Electric version, we also present a non-electric alternative for those who prefer a straightforward approach. The innovative design of the Tessera SE has simplified its operation to an unprecedented degree: merely push to open and lift the belt to close. It's that effortless!

The open-close mechanism is executed seamlessly within the canister, devoid of any reliance on springs or electric motors. Furthermore, the Tessera SE series incorporates an array of premium features, including specially designed side rail components with a 5mm thickness that faithfully follows the form and dimensions of the trunk's rail components. This meticulous attention to detail ensures superior weather insulation and a robust, enduring installation process suitable for all types of roll bars, side handrails, and loading bars, even accommodating original accessories (OEM), such as roll bars.

But that's not all—thanks to the incorporated T-Slots in the rail components, customers now have the option to select between a light-duty or heavy-duty mounting process. With the use of special adapters, RB-KIT and KOY-KIT, roll bars and side handrails can be installed using a DRILL-FREE procedure.

The Tessera SE series provides a secure haven for your valuables in the trunk. Equipped with advanced security and weatherproof systems, it offers paramount protection for your belongings. The knife-proof slats, combined with an embedded silicon seal, are complemented by an internal locking system (ILS) and aluminum locking teeth (ALT), ensuring unrivaled security, even in frigid temperatures.

The two oversized drainage systems (Φ20) with two overflow systems within the canister body are rigorously tested to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, capable of handling an impressive 60 liters per minute. Notably, the canister incorporates an Anti-Leaf System (ALS), distinguishing itself as the sole roll top cover on the global market to feature a specialized obstruction system designed to shield the canister's water drains from leaves and small debris.

The innovative design of the rear slat, combined with the canister's compact dimensions, offers the advantage of maximizing load capacity both in terms of length and height. An intelligently designed canister cover allows for convenient access and control of your Tessera SE at any time.

Installation is a breeze, with no requirement for drilling (except when combining accessories for heavy-duty usage with loads exceeding 70kg) or for water drainages in the absence of bedliners. It can be effortlessly installed in vehicles with or without bedliners, in both UNDER-rail and OVER-rail configurations without necessitating any rail part modifications.

In addition to the myriad benefits, the Tessera SE series significantly reduces fuel consumption, enhancing your economic efficiency. In operational mode, the roller lid-shutter optimizes your vehicle's aerodynamics, resulting in a smoother drive, especially at high speeds. This streamlined performance inevitably leads to reduced fuel consumption and fewer trips to the gas station.

The Tessera SE series boasts five patents, including two from the European Patent Office (EPO) with numbers EP2903843 and EP19151572.5, one international patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under WIPO Hague with number WIPO053863, and two national patents issued by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI) with numbers Νο.1007595 and Νο.1008153.

Elevate your 4x4 driving experience with the Tessera SE roll top cover, a masterpiece crafted entirely by hand from the finest raw materials and the artistry of Tessera4x4 accessories, built on 35 years of expertise in the automotive industry.

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