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Tessera4x4 accessories Australia Debut: The Launch of Tessera Roll+ Down Under

The European terrains have felt it, and now it's time for the Australian out backs to experience the revolution. We, at Tessera4x4 accessories (GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB SA) Greece headquarters, are thrilled to partner with Hustle Performance Pty. Ltd. and announce the debut of Tessera Roll+ with Tessera4x4 Australia.

From Europe’s Trails to Australia’s Outbacks

Rooted in Greek innovation, Tessera4x4 accessories has always strived to be at the forefront of the automotive industry. Our promise of top tier quality combined with cutting-edge design has received admiration in our home grounds and now we're geared up to serve the needs of Australian off-road enthusiasts.

Why Tessera Roll+ is Australia’s Next Big Thing

Australia, a land of raw beauty and challenging terrains, demands equipment that's not just durable but also technologically advanced. Tessera Roll+ stands up to this challenge splendidly. Some of the main innovations are:

✓ 3 in 1 Modular Design: Transform any time easily with no use of tools the "Basic" version to "Spring" or "Electric" version by just adding one of our kits.

✓ Artificial Intelligence board control: This offers automatic calibration and the ultimate connectivity like maintenance alerts. 

✓ Triple operation system: Operate the "electric" version with 3 different controls (key fob, mobile application (a whole new world of configurations) and "One Touch" function).

✓ Obstacle function: More secure and accurate, as there is no need of current motor to sense obstacles. Higher life for the motor.

✓ Red LED Bar: A beautiful and practical bar that can be used as beam lights, brake lights and extra alarm system,

✓ Interior LED Bar: Full-length moving white LED light bar brightens and helps focus any part of the trunk area.

✓ Maintenance alerts to your mobile: Notifies you if there is water block inside the canister, to clean and lubricate side rails or in case of motor failure.  

And many more innovations and technologies that you have ever imagined.

Tessera Roll+ series is launched as a Basic version, and it can be transformed to Electric or Spring version with the E-KIT or S-KIT respectively.

And many more innovations and technologies that you have ever imagined.

Engineered with European precision and tailored for Australian off-road enthusiasts, Tessera Roll+ isn’t just another roll top cover. It’s fine-textured powder coat finish ensures durability against harsh Australian weather conditions. Beyond its aesthetics, the cutting-edge and groundbreaking features of the Tessera Roll+ encapsulate what we truly stand for - a blend of style and functionality. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process of Tessera Roll+ ensures that as we tread new terrains, we also tread lightly on the planet.

Why We Chose Australia

The vast and varied Australian landscapes are a dream for every off-road adventurer. Its terrains, though mesmerizing, come with their own set of challenges. Recognizing the rise in the 4x4 industry and the need for quality accessories in Australia - Tessera4x4 accessories saw an opportunity to bridge the gap. By bringing European finesse and matching it with rugged durability fit for Australian conditions, we hope to redefine off-road adventures and 4x4 vehicles down under.

Europe to Australia: A Journey of Innovation

As Tessera4x4 accessories (GI ANSO 4X4 CLUB SA) expands its horizons from Europe to Australia, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. For our fellow Europeans - join us in cheering for this new chapter. And for our soon-to-be friends in Australia, the future of off-road adventures is about to get even more exhilarating.

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